Gloovi: Interactive Video Maker


Gloovi: Interactive Video Maker

Hello everyone! We would like to formally introduce our app to the world! We (silently) launched it about a month ago and have been getting feedback and fixing various engineering challenges to make things as smooth as possible for new users. We believe that the time is right for us to finally talk about our app and its features (and more to come)!

What is Gloovi?

In Gloovi, you can connect multiple videos to create and share interactive stories controlled by the viewers! It is a mobile app that helps you build interactive videos with ease - all you need is your smartphone and your imagination.

Why Gloovi?

We watch videos all the time but do not really have any means to interact with them. Although interactive videos can engage viewers by 3x and increase their purchase intent by 9x (according to WIREWAX, IPG, and Amazon), creators find it difficult to create one - this is why we started Gloovi! Among many other visual contents, we focus on videos/pictures as the first medium for interaction. You do NOT need any professional interactive video makers/editors on your desktop machine to create or edit interactive videos anymore. Gloovi offers a super easy and powerful editor on your smartphone. Moreover, we are all about helping creators to empower them, and giving more control for viewers to get them engaged!

How does it work?

So we got you interested this far! We will explain how you can build your first Gloovi. After launching our app, you simply need to tap on the camera icon to get started. Record a video (you can take a picture or load a GIF from local gallery) that you will use as a starter video; this will be the first video that viewers will see. When you complete recording the video, the app will take you to the editor where you can place various overlays (text, emoji, and shape) to beautify your video. When you are done decorating it, create a hotspot for the current video and start recording your second video that will be played when viewers tap on that hotspot. You can continue creating more hotspots and corresponding videos (or pictures) until you are done with your story. Finally, tap on the share icon to share your first interactive video with the rest of the world!

Want to see it in action? Watch our demo video:

How do I get started?

Our app is available on AppStore & Google Play. Simply follow our link to install Gloovi and get started for free!


Contact us if you have any question or feedback! We are an early-stage startup and can offer nimble services that solve your needs.

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