Top 5 interactive video companies in 2019


Top 5 interactive video companies in 2019

Welcome to the second post for our top 5 series! Today, we will talk about companies that are making real headways in interactive video industry with their interesting technologies and solutions. Note that we do not have any affiliations to the listed companies and are writing this article purely for informative and entertainment purposes. Have you ever wondered what has been going on with big players in this game? Let’s take a look together! (The order in which companies are mentioned in this article is purely random.)



WIREWAX offers a product which creators can use to make interactive videos professionally. The tool offers various interactive elements as well as an option to embed the creators’ interactive videos on their website. WIREWAX focuses on pro-tools where an expert from large corporations can benefit the most by utilizing their comprehensive toolsets (Studio) and creative solutions (CX). They offer a wide range of pricing models including a free trial.


2. Eko

Eko, formerly known as interlude, is an interactive story platform for web. They started as an interactive music video creators and branched out to entertainment and cooking recently. You can watch interactive videos on their website which ranges from interactive short films to cook-together videos. They are differentiating themselves from the industry by collaborating with various talents in Hollywood and Youtube, focusing on the entertainment value rather than comprehensive toolsets like WIREWAX.


3. Wyzowl

Wyzowl is similar to Eko in providing solutions to create interactive videos for creators from A to Z, but focus more on corporate needs. For example, it provides a detailed explanation on how they create interactive videos for marketing events, onboard videos for fresh recruits, and training videos to effectively ramp up employees to a new task or a mission. Also, they are pushing for animated videos in an attempt to branch out more than just being an interactive video solution. They offer a quote on their website if you are interested in using their solution.


4. HiHaHo

HiHaHo is an interactive video software for creating educational and training videos. The company has its roots in education and offers specialized tools for adding questions (quizzes) in the videos. It also offers integrations to learning environments as well as supports many languages (Dutch is their primary language). HiHaHo is more affordable than the other interactive video tools, possibly due to its focused/limited functionalities.

Rapt Media

5. Rapt Media (acquired by Kaltura)

Rapt Media was a cloud-based tool that allowed creators to create and run analysis on interactive videos while focusing on a B2B aspect through their partners. Their solution ranged from training videos to entertaining “gamified” promotional videos (this one was the most interesting - take a look here). The company got acquired by Kaltura in 2018, an enterprise video platform company. It makes a lot of sense from Kaltura’s perspective since they already offered some basic interactivity in their videos. They are looking to expand their business towards adding more interactivity in the video for better conversion rate, engagement, etc.

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Images from WIREWAX, Eko, Wyzowl, HiHaHo, Rapt Media

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